marți, 28 iunie 2016

What does Quantum Physics have to do with the European Union?

Truth is only one. The perception of truth, however, is infinite. All of us perceive the world in our own terms, but how many of us understand the truth of quantum physics, that actually is the foundation of the world as we know it? It is the same with the European Union. The truth is that:

·   the EU is the closest to perfection political construction ever designed by humanity, under constant improvement
·   the EU made no major mistake
·   the EU is as democratic as it can be while having functional mechanisms
·   the EU overperformed, the results exceeded the expectations

However, the vast majority of "people" (understanding by this lords as well as beer-drinkers) simply does not have the instruments to understand it. Just as a minority of people understand quantum physics. Yet quantum physics is right. But people do not appreciate the good until they see the bad. In the past 70 years people that were in the EU only enjoyed the good. Now they are about to enjoy the bad. Let us face the reality
  • unemployment in the EU is a false problem; it is a mere luxury: the reality is that only who does not want does not find a job.
  • The various "crises" were nothing more than adjustments for an excessively high level of living.
  • Lack of "opportunities"? A mere tantrum thrown by over-assisted lazy guys.
  • No democracy in the EU? Then go vote for the European Parliament that has a major say in any important decision. And how about 800 unelected "Lords" in the British Parliament?

So the truth is that the EU was built by smarter people than you and I, just like quantum physics was developed by smarter than average guys. And, believe it or not, there is no accessible way to explain quantum physics, just as there is no accessible way to explain the complexity of the EU. Do not expect an illiterate to understand the quantum physics of nuclear energy when he turns on the light, just because the electricity comes from a nuclear power plant. So, “people” are using the many benefits of quantum physics, without understanding it. Euro-enthusiasts hoped that when seeing the benefits, the “people” will actually love the EU. 

But, in spite of the fact that EU clearly overperformed it is now destroyed by a strange alliance of headless leftists (that lie to you that you can perpetually live out of someone else's work) and populists that tell you that it is your neighbor's mistake that you are poorer than them. And you, dear stranger, believe them. Forgetting how the vast majority of the “people” look like. To check the reality of who they are, go check the naked&drunken guys/galls on the beaches of Greece and Spain as well as the scared retired people, remembering their youth. The EU is, of course, responsible for the running they cannot do anymore. And go to the average pub of high-anti EU voting areas. 

The belief that “democracy” is the right of those people to destroy our EU amounts to accepting that quantum physics is wrong because the average “people” do not understand it. Democracy, dear friends, is our right to vote people that take decisions for us all. Not the right of average “people” to take decisions for others. Not because they are “average”. But simply, and quite logically, because they do not have, individually, the instruments to take those decisions. The funny thing is that the same average “people” will vote for maintaining the 800 unelected lords…

So, just like with quantum physics: the reality is not that the EU is wrong, but that we do not understand it. And it is NOT any politician’s business to make you understand it. It is your business to understand what actually made you and your family have a great life in the past 70 years. Because you are about to have a tough ride for the next 70.